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Welcome to...Strategic Planning and Business Planning

Performing strategic planning and business planning is important, but to be successful, it�s crucial to have a sound process in place.

The reason most strategic plans don�t get successfully implemented is because organizations cherry pick the parts they want to do, without a clear end-to-end process.
Process doesn�t need to be cumbersome, in fact, a good business planning process will actually help reduce work effort, and produce better plans that are more likely to be successful.

Where do I Start?
If you have accountability for Strategic Planning in your company, and you would like to improve your existing strategic planning process, or implement a new process, you have two primary options:

  • Go it Alone
    Even for billion dollar companies, this is a viable option. If you have the right skills and resources; all of the facilitation, analysis and writing can easily be performed in-house. However, don�t try to create a business planning process from scratch! You�ll spend too much time inventing a wheel that already exists, and not enough time developing good, executable plans.

    Start with an out-of-the box program like The Planning Boot Camp. With its Integrated Planning Model, the Planning Boot Camp will provide you with a proven strategic planning process, enough tools and templates to get started, and all the tips and tricks you�ll need to be successful.

  • Get a Consultant
    If you have a consultant friendly environment, and you want to give your process a kick start, with minimal internal resources, a consultant is often the most appropriate option. There are many great consultants that offer strategic planning advice and facilitation; there are very few that specialize in process. These are two very different things.

If you want a consultant to help facilitate sessions within your process, almost any good facilitator will be helpful; likewise for financial analysis and project planning. But�if you need help actually creating or improving your planning process, get a consultant that specializes in planning process and execution like The Planning Group.

Either way, don�t undertake any serious planning, until you have a sound process in place.

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